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Referees are an important part of Richmond United FC, and as such we provide Richmond youth with ongoing instruction, certification, and employment if they choose to take on that journey.

Anyone wishing to referee with RUFC must be currently registered through BC Soccer to receive assignments:

  • All new referees are only able to register if they have attended and passed a Small-Sided or Entry Level Referee Clinic. 

  • Any returning referees are only to be re-registered if they have attended an annual Referee Refresher Clinic.

Referee Manager

The RUFC Referee Program is overseen by Emad Ghashghaee, Referee Manager. All current and interested referees are encouraged to reach out to Emad at


Referee Handbook

This handbook outlines important expectations regarding assignments and matchday procedures. It is a good idea to have a copy of this document with you at all your matches along with a current copy of the BCSA Small Sided Game rules and the FIFA Laws of the Game.


Referee Resources:

BCCSL (BCCSL, League Championships, Coastal Cup)

Cascadia Spring League 

FIFA Laws of the Game

BCSA Referee Login

CSA Cast Policy

CSA Lightning Policy

British Columbia Soccer Referees Association (optional membership)

Canadian Soccer Association - Referee Centre